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Custom Joinery Services in London Need an expert joiner to work on your door frames or wardrobes? Or, want to carry out any joinery works? Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery offer bespoke joinery services to domestic, retail and corporate clients across London, Hertfordshire, Essex and Enfield and the Home Counties. Our expert joiners build the furniture you need and make strong and durable windows, doors, stairs, wardrobes and more. How can Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery help you with Joinery Works? When you want custom joinery for cabinets, wardrobes, stairs, window o ..

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Refurbishment Specialists

Refurbishment Specialists in London  Do your property need a substantial upgrade? From maintaining the resale value of your house to creating the home of your dreams, Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery can manage all your property’s refurbishments from beginning to completion. While keeping the tradition of more than 30 years in carpentry and joinery, Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery is able to take on even the most challenging of refurbishment tasks in carpentry and joinery. The end result will be a property that has returned to its former glory in the minimal amount o ..

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General Carpentry

General Carpentry Contractor in London Need a general carpenter in London? Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery undertakes all aspects of domestic carpentry works from installing and fitting Oak hardwood floors, laminate flooring, fitted and bespoke wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, window seats, stair gates and more. With over 30 years’ experience, we offer wide selection of building and home improvement solutions to diverse clientele. If you need home renovation or simple furniture installation we are there for you. Why Choose Us? We are a fully ..

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Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes in London Are you looking to add a new storage space to your bedroom? A fitted wardrobe is likely to be one of your top priorities. A fitted wardrobe, built in to your walls is the perfect option if you want a piece tailored to fit your needs. Why use fitted wardrobes? A fitted wardrobe is particularly ideal if you have an awkward or oddly shaped area, such as a uniquely shaped alcove by partitioning off and using for storage areas. With a fitted wardrobe you will have enough (neither too much nor too little) of each type of storage space for the ..

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Bespoke Wardrobes

Bespoke Wardrobes in London Need a wardrobe exactly in the way that you want it to be? Then, choose to go for a bespoke wardrobe option. Everyone has different storage needs that we at Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery have the best bespoke solution possible.  Your wardrobe is an extension of your personality, and we believe in doing full justice to it. We specialise in creating high-quality fitted bespoke wardrobes to meet your exact needs. See how we can help you with your bespoke wardrobes? We are specialists in designing and installing sliding wardrobes, fully fi ..

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Fitted Kitchen

Expert Kitchen Fitting Contractor London If you love to cook, meet to talk, eat, and relax and plan about even little things, then consider what a bespoke, fitted kitchen could do for you? A kitchen, designed, built and fitted to your exact specifications, allows you to choose the location of each individual cupboard, drawer, shelving unit and much more. Since kitchens are considered as the most important place of your home, it should be both functionally and practically need to create a pleasant and friendly environment for you. At Rightmove Carpentry, we install and fit all your kitchen componen ..

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Insurance Work

Carpentry Insurance Repairs & Maintenance London Looking for a carpenter or Joiner to take up any insurance repairs for your home or office in London? At Rightmove Carpentry, we take up all aspects of carpentry and joinery insurance repairs, maintenance or refurbishment in and around London, Hertfordshire, Essex and Enfield. How can Rightmove help you with Carpentry Insurance Works? We are a London based carpentry and joinery company covering all aspects of carpentry & joinery as well as offering bespoke services in the following: First and second f ..

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Bespoke Carpentry

Bespoke Carpentry Solutions in London Do you have an unfitting furniture creating annoyance filled in your home or office? Want to make it look pleasing? The right piece of carpentry crafted in the right way can really make your home or office attractive. This is when bespoke carpentry solutions from Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery can help in making aptly fitting furniture to your home or office. Whether you need a bespoke kitchen cabinet or wardrobe for your home, a perfect storage unit or a display cabinet for your busy London shop, Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery Company can design and craft a sol ..

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Bespoke Cabinets

Bespoke Cabinet design and Installation in London Need extra storage space to your kitchen or bedroom or living room? At Rightmove Carpentry, we understand how your needs often change when your family grows. With our custom designed bespoke cabinets, you can take advantage of making use of difficult spaces, increasing storage within the home and bringing some originality to the design. Adding a wall cabinet, TV Unit, mini bar or desk to your home can greatly enhance the functionality of a space making your life a lot more ‘easier.’ How can Rightmove Carpentry can help with Besp ..

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Window Seats

Window Seat Makers London Add a personal touch to your home with bespoke window seats. A perfect addition to your home, window seats offer an attractive and comfortable space to relax and unwind. You can complement the look and style of a room by teaming it up with a vast array of different fabrics and cushions. Whether you’re looking to utilise a bay window or prefer to maximise under-the-stair space, Rightmove Carpentry can offer an ideal window seat solution. How can Rightmove Carpentry help with Window Seat Making? No matter what the look of your decor, Ri ..

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Bespoke Staircases and Safety Stair Gates

Bespoke Safety Stair Gates London Want to keep your toddler out of certain dangerous areas around your home? A bespoke stair gate can certainly be a safer alternative to keep him/her out of a cleaning closet or bathroom, and from falling down a hazardous flight of stairs. The good news is that Rightmove Carpentry & Joinery in London can help you design, build and install an easy to use stair gate in your home. Our bespoke wooden stair gates are safer and long lasting built out of quality timbers like Oak and softwood. How Rightmove Carpentry and Joinery can help you with Safety Stair G ..

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Locks and Home Security

Locks are a good security for your home. We fit all types of locks from mortice locks. Dead locks. Night latch. Chubb locks. London security bar and more. ..

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